April 28, 2012

Cute & Comfy! Who'd a Thunk??!!

Do cute and comfy shoes exist? This question always seems to remain unanswered. I am going to be very truthful and tell you yes. Cute and comfy shoes do exist. How about sexy and comfy shoes? I am going to tell you no. I have never met a sexy shoe that I could actually wear while walking around at work for 8-10 hours a day. You know what I mean by sexy don't you? I am talking like 4 inch or higher heel, strappy, open toe, etc. So, lets settle for cute and comfy and be done with it. Save the sexy stilettos for ummmm...... never. Except for where you can sit down a lot. Like every 20 minutes. Stand for 20, sit for 30. You got it :) And now I am going to show you my favorite spring shoes that you can go anywhere and do anything in. You can stand, walk and in my case, because I can't help it, practically run everywhere, look cool and be super productive all day long! 

These "Ibis" oxfords by Born are my latest and greatest. I call them my jazz shoes. I could literally do my job all day and then go take a jazz class and my feet wouldn't hurt. I might get a little tired by the end of the day, but I would feel no pain! 
{I'd love to take a jazz class again! I seriously need to look into it...}
I LOVE these Portofino wedges by Beautifeel. Pricey yes. Worth it? DEFINITELY. I own two pair of Beautifeel shoes that I found at a store closing clearance sale about three years ago. They are the most amazing little clouds of comfort that I own.

I actually adore every pair of Kork Ease shoes on their website!! They are all super chic, but I picked these Brandy-Curry Kork Ease shoes because the wedge isn't too high and I just know that anyone could wear these for eight hours and feel no discomfort. Plus this nude color is a must and will go with absolutely every skirt you are gonna wear this spring and summer!

Style tip: Nude shoes make your legs look longer!

I am obsessed with owning a metallic shoe for summer. A metallic will match with absolutely everything. Think of it as an alternative to your neutral brown's. A metallic is current and fresh and this Pas de Rouge Nori sandal by Team Rooselli is the most perfect thing I have ever seen! Just look at how awesome the lines are in this shoe. In my opinion these are way sexier than a stiletto. But then again, I'm not a man. 

Style Tip: Remember, if your feet don't hurt, you will smile more and be able to perform your job better. And that is always in fashion ;)  


Molly said...

The Ibis shoes look so great on you! I started wearing flat oxfords at work recently, after years of pumps. It feels so great to be able to move freely and confidently, and the look is so crisp! I love them. The reviews of the Ibis shoes said they were narrow, so I hesitate to try them.... I would love to though. I'd also love to take Jazz.

Alex said...

Just a little narrow but so soft that they seem to stretch and conform to your foot the first time you wear them!

Joan said...

the oxfords are great!!!