April 10, 2012

Frock Affair. The Soiree.

How do you celebrate at a soiree in downtown Bangor Maine? Why with shopping, champagne and strawberries of course. There is a new specialty store in town. "Frock Affair" is the new "it" boutique in downtown Bangor. You will find unique clothing and accessories as well as a seamstress service provided by Shannon.

What does one wear to a soiree? Typically you might reach for that little black cocktail dress, but this was a fun and trendy affair. I chose to wear faded boyfriend jeans dressed up with a gold sequin tank and a tuxedo style blazer. The newsboy cap added the finishing touch of sophistication. 

This is just one of the many eye catching displays at Frock Affair. Click here to see who else contributes their favorite fashions to the boutique.
This is Suz from Well To Do, You in the photo on the left. She has contributed her favorite frocks and accessories to the new boutique. You will find her fabulous display towards the store's front. 

{Shannon, the boutique's seamstress, and Jessi, the brain behind FX Dressed, never left the cashwrap! They were busy ringing in the many purchases being made during the soiree.}

What did I purchase you ask? See below:
I love my new Derng chain link bracelet and Buoy 6 rope bracelet! I usually wear them together. Two is always better than one!

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