April 8, 2012

Happy Easter From Laura's Style!

My neice Joann and I in 1981. I was 6. She was 5.

"Lily" earrings by Laura available at Laura's Style Boutique.

{Fifi Lapin}

Today {April 8th, 2012 Easter Sunday} our family is going to delight in a dinner fashioned by my mother-in-law, Rita. I wanted to be prepared to enjoy a feast full of comfort foods so this is what I wore:

~J Jill cashmere cardi
~pink Gap tank
~Talbots Signature fit straight leg jeans
~pink flower necklace from Old Navy
~Ugg boots
~"Lily" earrings from Laura's Style Boutique

Happy Easter to all!
Laura M. xoxo

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