April 22, 2012

Laura's Style's Fashion Item{s} Of The Month

 TA DA!!!! Here they are!! My fashion picks for the month of April! (which is almost over BTW and I can't believe how fast life is spinning!) Above you will find my latest make up purchase. Maybelline's "the falsies" Volum' Express mascara. Trust me, I am no make up artist, but in my opinion this stuff works as good as Dior Show. Except the Maybelline version only cost me $7.00 vs the Dior costing $25.00. I actually have tried both and honestly see no reason to spend all that money when you can get the same effect for much less. Even if I was rich, I would still choose the Maybelline ;)

And this is the garment I chose to purchase for April. It is the navy blue peplum top from ASOS. You may have seen me wearing this top in my Lovely Looks of the Day on Facebook. I just couldn't wait any longer to wear it!! By clicking here you may purchase a similar version. The one I purchased seems to be now out of stock.
I wore it with my ikat skirt from Talbots.

 I wore it with my white straight leg jeans from Talbots too.

I have many other items in my closet that I plan on wearing this peplum top with. When I purchase something I imagine how many things I already have that would work with it. If I can't think of at least two different looks it would work with right off the bat, then I put it back. 

What did you purchase this month? Do tell!!

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