April 18, 2012

Now It's Time For YOUR {Fashion} Lesson TEACHERS!

Teachers, do you think that kids don't notice how you dress? Think again. It was just about all I noticed back in grade school. Granted the stylist in me has always been in the works, but now that I look back, I truly do believe that the teachers that were the best dressed got the most respect. Oh, don't get me wrong! The ones that were dressed geeky, old farty, and phys ed-ie got attention. Just the wrong kind of attention. All we could do is what kids do best when it came to these fashion faux pas type teachers. Make fun of them! Behind their backs of course. We never paid attention to a single word coming out of their mouths! So, as the little scholar that I once was and the stylist that I am now, I am gonna teach all you teachers how to get dressed. 

Tip #1 
Never show any type of cleavage or leg above the knee. Make sure to do the sit test before you buy a skirt. If the skirt comes above your knee when you sit don't wear it to school. And just make sure you wear a shirt that is modest. Below is a perfect example of a super cool yet conservative skirt and tee look.
teacher dressing

I would definitely learn something from a teacher dressed like this!

Make sure that you wear comfortable and invisible underwear. By this I mean make sure that you are not pulling and tugging at anything in the rear. (the kids will really pick up on that one.) And make sure that you are wearing a bra that is the closest to your natural skin color as possible so that it doesn't show through your blouses or tee shirts.
My 1st choice for the most comfortable & invisible underwear in the world are Jockey's No Panty Line promise Tactel Hip Brief in light nude.
This is my favorite bra. It's the Body by Victoria Demi Bra in nude from Victoria's Secret. I can't say enough about how great this bra feels and looks. The nude color is perfect and will not show through any of your white tees or blouses.

Don't over accessorize. The more simple the better. Simple is chic. Over accessorizing can be distracting to the children. They will want to try on all of your jewels and then there goes math class!
Pretty BUT this is an example of over accessorizing. Save this look for your field trip to VOGUE.

Below you will find a few accessories that will allow you to have fun with your look, yet won't overwhelm. Notice I didn't include a bracelet. Bracelets are jingly. They can be bit noisy tend to be annoying or distracting when the little tikes are trying to study. I also feel like wearing a dangly earring can be distracting. Stick with a stud and you will be safe. Add a fun necklace instead. I am loving this brass elephant pendant from J Crew. This should add just the right amount of cool to your "teacher look" and it can be worn by a teacher of any age. Sophisticated fun is what we are going for here teachers ;)

minimal accessories for teachers

Please don't wear heels.  The clickity clack of a heel coming down the hallway feels too stiff. You will be made fun of! And this is not what you want. "Here comes Mrs. Michaud clacking down the hall!" I can just hear the kids now. A small and soft wedge sandal is fine. Whatever you wear on your feet make sure they are silent. Think peaceful learning.

Last, but not least Tip#5
 If I tell teachers to dress age appropriate, they may get confused. Do I think that a girl in her 20's or 30's should wear skinny jeans or mini skirts? YES, if they look good in them, by all means! Do I think a teacher of any age should wear skinny jeans or mini skirts to school?? NEVER. I think that teachers of every age should dress conservative casual chic. Below you will find three looks that any lady of any age could wear and look amazing while teaching the children of our future:

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Anonymous said...

Would like this to be posted to all teachers. I am one and am sorry that so many disrespect and disrupt attention by the way we dress and behave while at work. Casual chic is a great look to aim for in the profession:-)