April 3, 2012

Want Instant Fabulous? Of Course You Do.

Lets face it. We are all in a hurry. Yet, we all want to look great. Looking fabulous doesn't mean that you have to spend two hours in the bathroom or your closet. Below are some tips on how to instantly look fabulous without putting in too much effort.

Tip #1: Don't wash your hair every day. You really could go two days without washing your hair. Trust me, no one will notice. If your scalp tends to get a little oily then just sprinkle on some baby powder at the roots. Not having to blow dry my hair in the morning saves me about a half hour of time.

Tip#2: Always apply concealer, a little eyeliner on the outer corner of the top lid only, mascara, blush and lipstick. These five items only take a total of ten minutes to apply and have a huge impact on your over all look. Leave the heavier and more time consuming eye make up application (such as the beautiful smoky eye) for the day that you have more time on your hands or save it for evening. 

Tip#3: Do your nails only once a week. Pick a day that is good for you and do you own at home mani (and pedi) When the polish starts to chip just remove it and go without for those few days until it's time for you to mani them again. Don't feel like you have to keep applying. No nail polish for a few days is better than gooped on or chipping polish.

Tip #4: Download the Weather Channel App on your phone and check your daily forecasts for the week. Plan your wardrobe accordingly for the whole week on your day off  and make sure it is all ironed and ready to roll. This will save you a big headache in the mornings. Very few of us come up with great looks on a whim. However, occasionally it's how I come up with some of my better looks ;) But usually things turn out better when there is a plan in place. Ease is what we are looking for here. Not risk taking.

Below you will find some simple items that create instant wow. You don't even need to think. Just put them on and go! See below:
You can't go wrong with a day dress in a bright color. It's just one piece!! Just put it on with a nude pump for an instantly chic look! A crisp white blouse is a must in any wardrobe. You can literally throw it on with any style bottom and your look will be instantly pulled together. Just roll up the sleeves and pop the collar and you are good to go!

{JCrew navy blazer with gold buttons}
A navy jacket with gold buttons always does the trick. Looks great thrown on over a tee or dressed up with any blouse of your choice. ANY style top looks great under this blazer in ANY color. Treat navy as you would black. Black goes with everything. And so does navy.

{P.S. The gold buttons are key}

A signature scarf always does the trick. Wear it with a dress, a tee, a blouse, a tank. It doesn't matter. A cool scarf IS instant fabulous. Enough said.

A really cool pair of sunglasses like these ones by Illesteva will set you apart from the rest. You probably wont ever even realize exactly just how instantly cool you look when you put them on. But trust me, you do, look cool :)
Laura's Style would love to know how you look instantly cool or any other time saving beauty tips you may have. Comment here and your fellow fashionistas will thank you :)

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