May 28, 2012

Do Redheads Have More Fun?? Well, What Does It Look Like To You?!!

How many of you feel like you just want to break out of your mold and try something new when the warmer weather begins to arrive? It never fails, when the seasons change I get restless. And this time red was calling my name. I seem to always want to go blonde every summer. So I get blonde highlights. But every time I try to go blonde, I get a little coppery. I never seem to hate the copper highlights, but they were not the golden blonde highlights that I was aiming for. After years of battling the blonde, I decided that maybe someone was trying to tell me something. And that something was to go red! So I brought the photo that inspired me (see below) to my hair stylist Charlene at It's All About You Day Spa.
This is the look I am going for. Maybe by this fall my bangs will be long enough to look like the gorgeous girl in the photo.....and by next summer the length all over will look exactly like the gorgeous girl in the photo. I asked Charlene if I could just be the girl in the photo, but she said that was absolutely out of the question. 

 I have to honestly say that when choosing red for my hue of the moment, I was not aware that it is actually one of the hottest color trends for this summer 2012. Just click HERE to see what I mean!
 I am not one that jumps on board the trend wagon every time, but this one was just kind of me, so I jumped! What is your hot hair hue this summer? Have you thought about it yet? 

 This July I will turn 38 years old. I am feeling a little different these days. Old? No. Well, maybe just a little. Maybe that is why I went red. It makes me feel young and alive! Charlene said that redheads have attitudes. I said, I can give one! My attitude is mature, gracious, compassionate, fun-loving and giving. I think the red helps bring out the best in me :)

If you live in the Bangor Maine area and would like to book your appointment with Charlene at It's All About You Day Spa, just call or text her at 207.249.5458. She will give you the lift you need for this summer and for every season throughout the year!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the red hair color on you! Really suits your complexion. I am so glad I have that same blouse from Talbots! Your pictures inspired me to purchase it last season!