May 27, 2012

How To Make Your Closet Into Your Very Own Boutique!

Would you be jealous if I told you that this is my closet? If I were you, I would. But it's not my closet. It's Paris Hilton's. Am I jealous? YES. But only of her closet. Her life is way to easy for me.

This is MY closet. And I love it. I now have it pretty much organized, colorized and everything in it is completely accessible. See below for more angles of my closet:

{The shoes in the boxes above are the shoes that I am not wearing. They are mostly winter shoes and I do not need to access them right now. I am in the process of taking photos of these shoes and I will be taping the photo of the corresponding shoe on each box.} 
My main objective with my wardrobe was to make everything completely accessible. When I am getting dressed I want to be able to see everything and grab it without a struggle. If I want something white I want to know where all my whites are. If I want something red I want to know where all my reds are. Are you getting the idea now? I was so tired of hunting for things or not ever wearing something fabulous because it was hidden. I rediscovered a ton of things while making over my closet. My goal was to make my closet shoppable. I wanted to feel as though I was walking into a boutique. {A crowded one nonetheless. But you know what I mean.}

Follow the steps below in order to make YOUR closet into YOUR very OWN boutique!
Step 1: This step is the most difficult and tiring. A whole day should be devoted to step one. You must go through your entire wardrobe and designate one box for charity, one box for throw away and one box for storage. (You may require more than one box for each of these categories depending on how much "stuff" you have.) I also recommend having a bag ready to drop anything in that needs tailoring. Step one is usually easier to get through with the help of a friend. Or if you prefer, you can hire a stylist. Sometimes a stylist (such as myself ;) can be a little more truthful with what to keep and what you should throw. She is getting paid to make you look amazing so she is going to make sure her job is done correctly and completely. 
Step 2: Begin taking everything out of your closet and lay it upon any clean surface you have. Begin to colorize in categories ie.white tops, cream tops, pink tops, etc. ending with black. Then separate all jackets into colors. Next you will separate all your bottoms into colors and categories. (I mixed in my dresses with skirts, but if you have enough room you can separate them too.)
Step 3: Take all of your shoes out of your closet and determine which ones you will be wearing this season and which ones you should toss. Put the ones that you want to keep but will not be wearing this season into shoe boxes with the photo of the shoe taped onto the outside so that you can easily determine what shoe is in what box. (This step is a work in progress for me.)
Step 4: Take all handbags, belts, scarves and any other items or accessories that you have in your closet and separate them into keep piles and toss piles. Your closet should now be completely empty!
Step 5: Determine how you are going to make everything accessible to you and make a plan. You may want to install shelves for handbags and determine where you will put your shoes so they look pretty and are easy to find. I put nails in my wall to hold up my belts and sashes.
Step 6: Put everything back into your closet beginning with white tops. I go from strappy to sleeveless, into short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve then into long sleeve. Do this for all colors of tops. Make it look sort of like a rainbow! After all your tops are back in, start with jackets and do the same. Then skirts and dresses. Then pants. 
Step 7: Put your handbags in and then your shoes. Install hooks or nails for belts. Hang all scarves on hangers on the inside of your door so you can easily grab the one that works with the look you are wearing each day.
Step 8: Take a short video or take a picture of your newly designed boutique/closet and post it on the Laura's Style Facebook page right here!

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Denée Tyler said...

You have a lot of amazing shoes!
I have my closet beautifully organized. My only problem is that I've recently lost so much weight that nothing in it fits me anymore.