May 18, 2012

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, Wait. It's Just Me Wearing VINTAGE!

{If I were a young lady attending my prom, this flow-y pant suit from the 70's would be the one.}
Today I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Mitchell-Storer. She is the owner of Vintage Finery in Orrington, Maine. And all I can say is that this lady knows vintage! Her boutique is packed from floor to ceiling with a rare assortment of antique clothing and accessories that she has collected for over 35 years! Her collection, which dates as far back as the 18th century, started as a hobby in her teens and just kept growing and growing. Most customers enter her shop with the intent of finding a costume for a party or a dress for prom, but I can honestly tell you that she has way more than just that! And if you have a love for vintage, Vintage Finery is where you can find the real deal. 
{Check out this gorgeous butterfly detail! What girl doesn't adore butterflies?!!}

 Looks like a dress, but it's really a super chic jumpsuit. Just my style. And if I were a young lady attending prom, this would be my pick!
{This is the lovely Linda Mitchell-Storer, owner and founder of Vintage Finery in Orrington Maine.}

{Just check out the colorful patterns in this vintage collection from Hawaii! To be honest, these are what caught my eye immediately upon arrival.}

{I knew that the ruffle detail at the neckline and the empire waist style of this colorful on trend vintage dress would be perfect for me!} 

{Isn't it amazing!}

{What an adorable beaded bag. I could pretend that I borrowed this from Betty Draper and I think everyone would believe me!}

The beading along the neckline of this dress is to die for! They just don't make things like this anymore unless you are purchasing couture!

I ADORE this dress. It is SOOOOO Carol Brady, who had the most fabulous style by the way, AND the best haircut.
{see below}

 This little cream tapestry dress was a hit too. Perfect for summer! But I wouldn't hesitate to wear it in the fall with some black tights and a pair of high heel mary janes!

{This is Linda holding up one of my favorite dresses from the late 40's early 50's. The peplum style is so cool and so chic especially NOW.}
Vintage Finery has a wide range of dresses, tuxes and costumes from vintage to new, to rent or purchase. They also have a ton of wedding dresses to choose from! How special to wear a vintage dress on your wedding day. In my opinion, wearing vintage just feels so much more special than picking up something brand new. The chances are very slim that you will see someone wearing the same dress or outfit you are wearing, so you will look unique. Plus you just don't get the quality craftsmanship in garments these days that you get in something vintage, unless you are purchasing couture, which is pretty much out of the question for myself anyway. 

Here are more examples of fab vintage finds that are available for purchase or rent at Vintage Finery!

 I suggest you take a day trip out to Vintage Finery located at 16 Settlers Way in Orrington, Maine. What beautiful country you will see on your way!!

P.S. You will need a whole day to see everything Linda has to offer! Appointments are preferred. Call 207.356.9560 to make one.

Vintage Finery Costumes & Complete Bridal
16 Settlers Way
Orrington, ME. 04474
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Lily Fryer said...

I LOVE vintage finery! I rented costumes/prom items from Linda all through high school! Clearly it's been too long - I'm drooling over some of these dresses!