May 3, 2012

A Little Inspiration From India!

{The Taj Mahal. Located in Agra, India}
Yesterday I actually took a sick day. My first one in I don't even remember how long. (It's just a cold, don't worry;) Not much holds this fashionista down. I had managed to escape the many sicknesses that were going around this past winter. I guess I had to catch something at some point. I was beginning to think I was wonder woman or something! Not quite. So anyway, I decided to watch a movie that I had been meaning to watch for some time now. You might be familiar with it. Slumdog Millionaire. It is a great movie that I waited too long to see. 
Of course this movie was filled with so much drama and enlightenment that I pretty much could not stop thinking about it all day and all night. I have always been inspired by other countries. India happens to be a country that has always fascinated me. When I was young I had a pen pal who lived in India. Her name was Lekshmi. Yes, I even remember her name. Proof that when you write something down, you remember it;) She intrigued me. We would exchange photos and of course she was always wearing something long and colorful with the dot in the middle of her forehead. I wonder what she is doing now? Maybe I can find her on never know;)
 The gorgeous Freida Pinto, who plays Latika in the film, was wearing the most sunny shade of yellow I had ever seen. It was gorgeous against her dark hair and skin. Now, I know I am no Indian beauty, but I could visualize myself wearing this color. And I knew that even though my skin is pale, if the yellow was warm and had an orange-y undertone to it, that I could wear it. So, what did I do? I picked my sorry sick self up off the couch, took a shower and headed to Old Navy. (I had to bring my son to his girlfriends softball game anyway...;)

So this is the top I ended up with from Old Navy. It was on the clearance rack priced at $11 and it was the only one left. I know what you're thinking. Wiieerrddd. It's like it was meant to be! But isn't it cool??!

And here is how I wore it today with my J Brand bell-bottom jeans.
I am feeling just a tiny bit better. However, when nighttime comes I am a bit worse.

{These are the accessories I wore. "A Passage to India" earrings from Laura's Style Boutique, Silpada turquoise ring, aqua enamel bracelet from Stella & Dot, gold necklace from Lia Sophia, suede wedges by Bandolino.}  

These Laura's Style "A Passage to India" earrings are available to purchase right here.

And below is a video one of my favorite songs from Slumdog Millionaire titled Ringa Ringa by A R Rahman, Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun. This is a great little video showing many highlights from the movie. Get ready to get up and dance! Enjoy!


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