May 17, 2012

TREND ALERT! You Don't Have to Match Your Mani To Your Pedi!

Okay, so last May I wrote a blog titled "Should You Match Your Mani To Your Pedi?" I basically said that you will look more pulled together and totally chic if you do match. And I also said that painting your nails a light sheer nude peach or pink shade works if you have bright toes or vice versa. Well, I am now going to tell you that contrasting is cool. Meaning, wearing an orange polish on your toes and a pink polish on your fingers actually is the trend of this very moment! So go ahead and be bold! Blue toe nails & green fingernails, purple fingernails & yellow toenails. Those are a couple of my favorite combos. Remember to just be careful with this trend. If you are going to a job interview or someplace that you need to make a great first impression, I suggest you hold back with these bold color combos until you go on vacation. The chicest looks in my mind are still matching mani to pedi OR color on toes and a sheer nude on nails or vice versa. Get it? Got it? Good :) 

Now go paint!

Right now I am rockin' NYC's long wearing nail enamel in "Big Money Frost" on my fingernails and OPI's "A Roll in The Hague" on my toenails.

 This color combo reminds me of a tropical parrot! 


Gretchen said...

agreed! colorblocking, too! I've got my big toe nail split diagonal in two colors (used tape to get a straight line) and then using those two colors, paint each of the rest of my toenails one or the other. Pure Ice Really Rio (bright sassy red)and Cover Girl Blue Parfait (greenish blue teal). Lots of compliments on it!

Alex said...

Very cool Gretchen!! I love it!!