May 2, 2012

You NAILED IT!!! Laura's Style's Favorite Nails Of This Very Moment

Every once in a while I let you know my favorite nail colors of the moment. This is another one of those moments. Keep reading......
{OPI colors: Care to Danse?, Don't Touch My Tutu!, Barre My Soul, My Pointe Exactly, You Callin' Me a Lyre?, Pirouette My Whistle}

Okay, so for obvious reasons the NYC Ballet nail colors are my #1 favorite colors for spring and summer of 2012. (You know I am a dancer, right?) The colors are just so soft and pretty and look good with a tan or in my case even when you are pearly white. They are also perfect for summer brides and bridesmaids. Subtle and soft. Cool and confident. That is the goal here ladies. Wear these shades on and fingers and toes all season long and you will look super chic, but it will appear that you didn't even try to look that way. Plus, these neutral shades will look fabulous with all the bright colors that you will be wearing this summer and you won't have to worry about clashing or looking overly colorful. (Is there such a thing??!)

{Right now I am sporting the natural and neutral nail with OPI's "Hopelessly In Love".}

Cherry Red Nails
Red nails always look chic and this season the brighter the better! I prefer a red with a slight orang-ey undertone like OPI's "Big Apple Red" and Essie's "Geranium". So pretty on pale skin tones because it creates great contrast. Personally I feel that bright polish looks best on shorter nails, but that is up to you.

Color Blocked Nails
As you may have known, color blocking your clothes is so super cool right now. So why not color block your nails? 

{You must have these two colors by Deborah Lippmann for color blocking! On the left: Lara's Theme. On the right: On The Beach}

LOVE this video below that my blogger pal Angelika made. She simplifies this seemingly scary technique. After watching this video I said "I can do this!" Color blocking your nails is soooo cool, but it does requires some extra time. I would hope that all my younger fashionistas who have more time on their hands than I would be trying this technique at home. I simply have not had any extra time these days. Possibly on my vacation in July I will give it a whirl. Yay! These are the things I look forward too:))

And last but certainly not least are the metallics. LOVE the Chanel Le Vernis nail colors in Quartz, Peridot and Graphite. Soooo subtle yet sleek and modern. 
Metallic nails look FABULOUS with a tan......however a tan is not a requirement. ;)
Oh, and my FAVORITE metallic shades from Deborah Lippmann's collection are from left to right: Sugar Daddy, Swagga Like Us and Private Dancer. 

Happy Painting!

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