June 3, 2012

Are Heels More Sexy Than Flats? Duh, yes.

So, since when did we say that being fashionable had to be sexy? Being sexy can be fashionable if sexy is the look you are going for. But please don't get being fashionable confused with just being sexy. To me, being fashionable is about being a stylish individual. Yes heels look better than flats with certain outfits, but that doesn't mean that you can't experiment with wearing flats with different looks that you only thought would look great with heels. Michelle Obama knows how to rock a great flat with a cool dress. 
{see photo below} 
 Typically most ladies would choose to wear a heel with this dress, but a flat is totally acceptable and just a little more unexpected. I personally love this look. 
Below is a photo of another pair of cool teal flats I would wear with anything from a dress to shorts to capris or crops!
{This is the Gabriella Rocha Nele teal patent ballet flat. I LOVE the ankle strap! You can purchase them here.}

I can honestly see how the words fashionable and sexy can get tangled up together. Being fashionable means that you are wearing something that is prevailing or generally current. And sex is definitely prevailing in our society. In my opinion, having great style has nothing to do with wearing what is "current." It has everything to do with how you put it all together. Heel or no heel.

Below you will find some of my favorite flat styles that I may be trying in the near future:

I am thinking that I will be wearing nice supportive flats a lot more in the near future. And who ever said that flats can't be sexy? It's all about the person who is wearing them. You must be confident to pull of a flat, where a heel tends to GIVE you confidence. There is a difference. Understand? Please tell me how you feel about the heel vs. flat dilemma. I'd love to know!


Mona Lisa said...

You make a good case for flats, and there are ladies who absolutely can't wear heels due to their health. For these ladies and for others who exude confidence (as in Laura) - stylish flats (lots, and lots of them) are great. What I notice most when women wear flats - they are almost always black, brown, and b-o-r-i-n-g. I think the key is "interest". Can a flat be interesting? You've chosen some great ones, so the answer is yes indeed! My recommendation is if you can't or don't want to wear gorgeous heels - don't resort to the plain, common ones. It's all about "style" ... IMHO :-)

Mona Lisa said...
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Denée Tyler said...

I can't wear really flat flats (those with the little 1/4 to 1/2 inch heel), because they kill my feet. I prefer shoes with a heel from 1 to 2 1/2 inches. I have a few pairs with 3 inches, but I don't do higher than that.
I think Michelle wears a lot of flats because she is as tall as her husband, and she doesn't want to tower over him, but she always looks good while she's wearing them. Talbots makes a lot of nice flats with a 1" heel; I particularly love the yellow pointy toed ones I got there last year.