June 7, 2012

Is Matchin' Out of Fashion?

To match or not to match? That is the question. 

You may have asked yourself this question before. All you want to do is appear stylish and current, but with the variety of looks that we are seeing via Pinterest, on fashion blogs and in fashion magazines I can see why ladies (and gentlemen) are having a hard time getting dressed! 

Here are a couple of guidelines that I follow when getting dressed to appear polished and put together but still current/fashionable.

1. Keep in mind that opposites attract. If you are wearing something ruffled, then you will want to pair something more tailored or not so girly with it. See below for an example:
I love the look of this ruffled blouse paired with this "tough girl" belt. A perfect balance.

2) Don't worry about matching perfectly, but if you have the opportunity to match perfectly then go for it! Let me clarify. For instance, if you are wearing a red belt, don't worry about wearing red shoes if you don't own them. Just go with a black pair. (everyone owns black shoes right?) 


Matching has been so out for so long that now it's in again!
See below:
I love this match-y look. Her blue cardi matches perfectly with her blue polka dot pants! Sorry I cut of her feet, but I will let you know that she is wearing black pumps which match perfectly with her black dots. This look doesn't have any surprise color combos but it makes a great statement because she MATCHES!

This match-y/miss-match look is sooooo beautiful, but take warning. Only certain personalities can pull this one off and still look polished. What the hay.....give it a try! 
The message I wish to send in this blog post is that I don't want anyone to kill themselves over matching, but yet at the same time don't be afraid to. It's okay. And you won't look out of date or old fashioned. The joy of fashion these days is that anything goes. As long as it works for your personality and body type, you will have nothing to fear......except maybe a few stares from fellow onlookers. (Trust me, that is a good thing;)


Joan said...

great tips! i love matching different prints!

Mona Lisa said...

Love your ideas here. Again - a lot is about attitude + know-how! That's the right "mix" :-)