June 26, 2012

My "Lucky" Talbots Purchase

{Necklace and blouse from Talbots}
Everyone thinks that Talbots clothes are so gosh darn expensive!! Well, I am here to say contraire mon frere! Talbots clothes may be absolutely STUNNING, however they are no more expensive than many other brands. PLUS Talbots has amazing sales. This poet top from Talbots only cost me $13.99!  

There are certain instances that you will not want to wait for a sale. Like when you really want something so bad that you actually dream about it. If that is the case then you will want to forget about waiting for it to go on sale. Chances are your size will be gone if you wait! I just happened to get lucky on this one;) See my photos below to see how I wore it:

Talbots from head to toe.
{ring by Silpada}

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