June 24, 2012

My Mint Obsession

My Mint Obsession

Meet my latest obsession. Anything and everything in mint green! Why mint green you ask? Well, it's a perfectly pretty shade to wear during the summer months. It looks great with a tan. And it just makes you look cool even when you are HOT. I know what you are thinking. What colors look good worn with mint green? See below for a list:

soft pink
soft peach

and of course


See below for some more minty inspirations!
I adore this mint vintage dress!

{Mint Jeans by Hudson available at Shopbop}

Who knew that mint and lilac could look so cool together?! (Notice the one lilac nail?) 

Mint bow flats by JCrew. So pretty and feminine.

{Minty green "Simple Elegance" and "Lucky Leaf" earrings available at Laura's Style Boutique}
{mint bag}
{Mint decor}


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
I enjoy reading your blog! I found out about it on facebook. I see on your blog that you live in Maine, which is funny because I just moved from Auburn in January to Budapest, Hungary.


Alex said...

Thank you for reading my blog Jennifer :) How incredibly cool that you are now living in Budapest! Did you move there for a reason? Would love to know more!

Fashionably Yours,

Anonymous said...

My husband will be working here for the next few years. We are enjoying Budapest, but we miss the beautiful state of Maine too! We lived in Auburn for eight years and I loved sightseeing along the Maine coast and the mountains. We don't have many of the same clothing stores in Budapest as in America-I really miss Talbots!


Joan said...

oh i love everything minty too!is the color of the summer!