July 8, 2012

I Am Mixing It Up....AGAIN!

Here I go again mixing patterns! I have to admit, that I copied this look from a fabulous blog titled "Seeking Chic" which is a blog that talks about the design operations and inspirations behind the scene's at Talbots. The photo below is one of the many that WOWED me on their site:
I was a tad sad when I found out that "my" Talbots did not carry the exact skirt design that the model is wearing in the photo above. I think it might have been specifically designed for this photo shoot. However, they did create a pencil skirt in this same pattern as well as the blouse in the exact same tiny floral pattern that the model is wearing. You will find me wearing this mixed up floral look in the photo's below:

 ~Talbots blouse, skirt, belt and bracelets
~vintage earrings
~t-strap peep toe pumps by Beautifeel

Click HERE to view my past post about tips on mixing and matching patterns.


Denée Tyler said...

Laura, I think she's just wearing the pencil skirt with the rose scarf around it?
Thank's for linking to this site--I love it.

Alex said...

Denee, you could be right!! If you are, I need the scarf!

Denée Tyler said...

If you find one, let me know. I am also looking for it.

Alex said...

Will do!