July 4, 2012

I Wore Stripes.....And I Always See Stars!

1st of all, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! 2nd of all, what did you wear?  
Every fashionista looks for any reason to dress up and every July fourth we have a great one. Reason that is. Not that I ever need a reason to get dressed. The idea of it keeps me going on a daily basis!
Does anyone remember threader earrings. They were kind of gross looking going on, being threaded through your earring hole. Eeww. These ones are by Lia Sophia. They are actually faux threaders. Meaning the chain doesn't go all the way through the hole. They actually clasp in the back.
Now you know what I wore. See how it looked when I put it all together in the photos below.

~Talbots striped blouson tank and necklace
~Banana Republic white cami
~red trousers from ASOS
~Lia Sophia earrings
~Silpada silver flower ring
~Sofft nude patent peep toe pumps


Mona Lisa said...

You look so cute, and the mix is good! Are your shoes comfortable enough to work in? I've not worn my yet, but I've admired yours for a long time and finally ordered some. It took 3 tries to get the right size, but thanks heavens for Zappos "free shipping" and VIP free next day service :-) I should have read the reviews before I ordered.

Alex said...

It took me two tries to get the right size Mona. And yes they are comfortable, but only for four hours max. When I first put them on in the morning I think, "these aren't so bad!" But it turns out that they are so bad after a few hrs of running around the store. (We also have about 12 stairs that I am constantly going up and down) I always have to bring a change of shoes no matter what shoe I wear to work.