July 15, 2012

Pant Styles. Which one is for you?

 Let's face it. Finding pair of pants that fit perfectly can be very difficult to find. In most cases nearly impossible. And if you are like most women, you end up giving up and settling for whatever is on trend whether it looks good on you or not. My advise to you is DON'T DO THAT! An ill fitting pair of pants can be not only uncomfortable, but also quite scary to your fellow friends. They probably won't tell you that they look bad, unless you ask. And more than likely, you won't ask, and your life will go on while you are wearing a pair of pants that look and feel terrible.

There are three basic pant fits out there. The skinny pant. The flare leg pant. And the straight cut pant. (See the photos above from left to right) 

Below you will find my description of each pant and who it looks good on:

1. The skinny pant looks good on, well I hate to say it, but I will. Skinny people look good in skinny pants. That's easy to remember, right? Now here is the key thing to remember. You don't have to be skinny mini to wear skinny pants. You just have to know how to wear them if you have some curves on the bottom half. There is no way that I could wear a pair of skinny pants with a fitted top and look good and feel comfortable. Since I want to balance the look according to my body type (small on top curvy on bottom) I would wear the skinny pant with a tunic or flow-y baby doll style top. In other words I would wear the skinny pant the same way I would wear a legging. If your curves are on the top half of your body then the skinny pant may be your fit. You might be surprised. I know ladies who are a size 16 but they are heavier on the top with skinny legs. The skinny pant works great on them worn with still a longer style blouse, keeping the blouse semi fitted. That doesn't mean tight ;)

2. The flare leg pant looks again, best on a lady who has little to no curves on the bottom. A tall lean boyish figure looks HOT in a flare leg jean! I own a pair of J Brand flare leg jeans and I feel like I have to be really careful when I wear them. Because the flare leg pant is slim fitting through the hips and thighs and that is the heaviest part on my body, this type of pant can really accentuate the negative. I wear my flares with a blouse-y top but not a too long top. It has to be just the right proportion. So it takes a lot of messing around. Not the best choice in a pant if you don't want to think, unless you are lucky enough to have that long lean boyish model type figure. In that case the flares would be perfect for you paired with almost any style top.

3. Last but certainly not least is my personal favorite for my body type. It's the straight cut pant. Not to be confused with the skinny. Straight simply means that they are cut straight down starting at the hip. So there is nothing skinny about them. They skim nicely over your curves and simply hang perfectly. I don't really think that there is a body type that doesn't look good in the straight cut pant. Just beware that if you have no butt (meaning a flat butt) you will want to choose a style with flap pockets on the touche. Choose a style with no pockets if you have a bootee like mine. The straight cut pant can be unflattering on ladies who have small legs because there is too much fabric in that area. So, just a warning. It can be challenging to find a straight cut pant that doesn't have too much material through the leg.

I hope this info helps you in your quest for the perfect pant ladies! Please feel free to leave a comment or e mail me at LaurasStyle@hotmail.com if you have any questions.


Unknown said...

Awesome. I thought you were going to suggest a good seamstress, which i really need to invest in. Lol. I'm tall and i live in Alabama...its really hard for me to find pants at just the right length.

Unknown said...

Very helpful. Thanks so much!

Alex said...

Thanks for commenting Tanya! I agree. It is very difficult to find pants that fit. I believe that we all need to just automatically know in the back of our minds that we are more than likely going to need some tweaking to our new pants. So getting know and trust a good seamstress is very important. It is simply a miracle (and miracles do happen;) when we find a pant that fits perfectly at the store!