July 22, 2012

Two Different Looks. One FABULOUS Dress!

Some may say that a dress is a dress. You put it on. It looks great. And you are out the door. FABULOUS! But, I have heard that some ladies opt for purchasing a skirt instead of a dress because they feel like they can style the skirt many different ways, where a dress will look the same every time you put it on. This can sometimes be true. UNLESS you use accessories, make-up, and your hair style to change the look! See my photo's below to see how I changed the look of this TALBOTS paisley sheath by changing my accessories, make-up and hair:
As you can see the look on the left is more retro and the look on the right is more glam. In the fall, you may see me wearing this dress with black tights, high black boots and a denim jacket.
How would you wear this dress? Please share! 


Unknown said...

Great tips for such a GORGEOUS dress! Perfect color for you! :)


Mona Lisa said...

Love how you juxtaposed the two looks. You asked how we'd wear the dress. Both of your shoes are great. For a very modern look, I'd wear these shoes. They are on sale, so the price is right! Platforms and heels, but "do-able" for me for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

put your hair in a french twist, wear a headscarf like grace kelly in to catch a thief, add a motorcycle jacket/or some leather jacket and slip into a pair of flat sling back shoes.
mary ann

Alex said...

Love that Mary Ann! I may just have to try that :)

Image consultant said...

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