August 8, 2012

Minimalist Style. Is It For Me?

Lately I have been feeling different. Different how, you ask? Well I have been feeling a little more mature these days. I didn't say old. I said mature. By mature, I mean I feel more complete, cultured, developed. However I don't feel I have reached the fully seasoned stage of my life, but I do feel it coming on. Does that make sense? Maybe in ten more years I will feel the sense of total comfort that comes with being mature, but I can wait for that. 

With this feeling I am beginning to want to change up my look a little bit. Sometimes I feel like I dress like a little girl and I think I would like to change that. I have always admired the clean looks by Calvin Klein.
 Very minimalist.
 Very chic.
Very sexy.

As I age I feel like life gets better, but busier in a different way. Busier because I want it that way. Busier with different things than before. Better because your outlook on life changes as you meet people and gain experiences. My son is still always on my mind, don't get me wrong, but he no longer needs his diaper changed, to be fed, etc. Mamma is no longer his best friend :(

{Me and my baby (Devin). This was when mamma was his best friend. Little does he know he is still my best friend. I have a feeling that he will come back to me one day.}
Oh how that time flew! I was 22 when I had my son. He was the only thing on my mind at that time. He is 15 now and still the most important thing in my life, however there comes a point when a mother has to let go. Right now I am at about the fifth stage of letting go. First stage was at age 3-4 when he started pre school. The second stage was at age 5 when he started kindergarten. The third stage was when he was 11 and went into junior high. The fourth stage was at age 14 when he entered high school. And now at stage five he is 15 yrs old (soon to be 16) and it's sophomore year! He has only one girl on his mind and I will give you a hint. It's not his mother any more! (It's called a girlfriend.) 

Since this is the case I have had more time for other things. Work has become a big part of my life and I am one of the lucky ones. I love my job! However nothing will ever come before my family. But anyway, back to the point of this blog post. In a nutshell here it is. I have had more time on my hands these days so my job has become busier (because I am allowing it to be) I am struggling these days with my style because A. I am always in a hurry because I am still doing house things and mother things along with my busy crazy job and B. because I feel a level of maturity that I just can't explain lately. It sort of feels good because I am almost becoming comfortable with myself. ( I said almost.) I feel like it is time for me to become more sophisticated in my looks. Maybe a little more minimalist. Here are my minimalist wardrobe essentials:

~pencil skirts in multiple colors (black and white are a must)
~black pants that make me feel fabulous
~a black v neck tee
~a white v neck tee
~a white blouse
~ black dress
~a red dress
~ a great fitting pair of jeans that make me feel sexy
~sexy fitted sweaters in black, white, beige and red
~tops with one shoulder 
~blazers that are fitted never boxy 
~shoes that are sexy and comfy in black, nude and red (this will be difficult)
~bold but clean looking jewelry

As you may already know, I believe that accessories are a big part of making a look come together. With the minimalist look, I will still wear an accessory, but usually it will be only one. I will try to make it a bold one. Sometimes there will be no accessories involved in my minimalist look. For an example see Twiggy below looking AMAZING without a single accessory!
{No accessories? Can I do this?}
I do own many of the items listed above already. There are a few that I don't own believe it or not. Like a white pencil skirt. Who would have known that something like that would be so difficult to find! JCrew has a great selection of pencil skirts in solid colors. I love their No.2 Pencil skirt. It comes in a length that is below the knee and another one that comes slightly above the knee. See below:

I also feel that having a hair style that is simple will be necessary, which is why I am growing my hair out. When all else fails a pony tail is always super chic.
I also feel that make up should be kept simple and beautiful, and nails should be manicured, but in a natural color to go with the "minimalist".

So, stay tuned to see how I style myself with this "minimalist look" that I feel will appear cool, sleek and chic. I will devote a tab at the top of this page titled "My Minimalist Looks" right next to the "Laura's Lovely Looks" tab.  It will be a big change for me. I may have to mix things up once in a while. Isn't this minimalist thing supposed to make my life easier??!! We will see how I do........


Denée Tyler said...

I kind of like your fun, quirky look. I'll be interested to see your minimal take on life.

Alex said...

I have to admit, I am having a very hard time with being a minimalist!! I don't think it's gonna work! Maybe once in a while. But I so love ruffles, lace, gathers and pleats and those things don't exactly fit into the minimalist category....