August 29, 2012

My Summer Closet Close Out

In the real world we are in denial that our flip flops must soon be put away for the next 8 months. In the fashion world we are super excited to be digging out our cool suede boots! (Maybe a little too excited.) So which world do you live in? I have to say that I live in both from time to time. I when I am taking a day off from work I live in yoga pants and a tee shirt. My hair is in a pony and I usually wear a pink baseball cap if I have to run out to the store to disguise my make-up-less face. Sometimes I wear flip flops and sometimes sneakers. When I work I style it up about twenty notches! I am so happy that I have a job in fashion, because I do love it so. I love wearing the latest styles each season and being a vogue know it all. Which is why I have decided to de-summer-ize my closet. (That means I am going to take all the obvious summer stuff out and put it into storage for the winter.) This will make getting dressed less confusing because I will have less clutter in front of me when choosing my looks. This is my closet now with all seasons in it:
 Nice and neat. But too much stuff! 
August and September can still be a little warm so I don't want to put away everything that is sleeveless or short sleeved. Just the obvious summer stuff, such as linens and anything made out of extremely light weight sheer fabrics.

This is my closet after the summer clean out. Notice a difference? It may be difficult to tell from the photo but trust me, there is not as much stuff! This will make my life so much easier when choosing my looks this fall and winter. When the weather gets below freezing I will do another closet sweep and take out anything short sleeved unless it can be layered.

 I also changed out my shoes. Took the fall ones out of storage and put the obvious summer ones in storage. I am keeping my flip flops out for a little longer though. They are great when just running to the mailbox or taking the trash out. Soon the flip flops will be replaced with my Uggs.
Some of my shoes that I took out of the box required some buffing and fluffing. Here I am brushing my black suede booties. I love those things! I am excited to wear them, however I am willing to wait......
{My fall/winter shoes and bags}
Taking out my summer things and putting in the fall/ winter things made me feel like I had gone on a shopping spree, when in fact I am only shopping my closet and haven't spent a penny!

 I am such a jacket lover! Below are some of the jackets I have rediscovered in my closet that I can't wait to wear as soon as the temps cool down:
 {left to right: vintage brown wool Sasson jacket, Talbots hot pink corduroy jacket (I love the paisley pattern under the collar so I always wear it with my hair up and collar up!), Talbots velvet vicuna jacket} 

{left to right: Juicy Couture burgundy rose velvet jacket, Juicy Couture wool houndstooth jacket, Talbots Kate fit gray wool lady jacket, cropped Burberry jacket}

I also can't wait to wear the three pieces below:
 {left to right: wool sweater dress I found at GoodWill (this will look fab with brown leggings and boots!) Talbots gray and black plaid pencil skirt, Talbots cropped mini houndstooth pants}

I hope that I have inspired you to shop your closet! Cleaning out your closet can do wonders for your creativity when it comes to getting dressed!


Joan said...

oh you're really organized!
love what you've done in there!

Alex said...

Thanks Joan!! I am absolutely loving your blog! Gorgeous Grecian photos!! Jealous!