September 19, 2012

As George Costanza says: "Do the OPPOSITE!"

Life can get a little boring. We sometimes get stuck in a rut and we simply cannot get out. Actually, it's not that we can't get out, it's that we feel safe in our rut so we stay in it by choice. That's right, it is a choice. In order to get out of our rut we need to make the decision to get out. This can be difficult. The best way to get out is to change things up a bit. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, drink tea. Instead of going for a walk, ride a bike. Instead of listening to the same station, change things up by finding some new music or trying a new station. Doing something different takes courage, but if George Costanza can do it, then you can ;)

I find that a lot of ladies get stuck in a style rut. They wear the same thing and choose the same styles when they go shopping. They complain about their antics but they don't do anything about it because they are not sure what to do. Below are some ideas on changing up "the usual".

 little black dress
 little white dress
The white dress in the right fabric can be worn year round to any cocktail event you may have. It is just as elegant as a little black dress, but maybe a bit more daring. We like daring right? Especially when it comes to fashion ;)

black suit
red suit
A black suit always works for work, right? But a red suit you could "work" at work! So cool and unexpected, yet just as conservative. This is worth a try. Remember, you want to get out of that rut, right?

denim jacket
leather jacket
A denim jacket looks great with everything. But a leather jacket definitely steps things up a notch or two. Still just as casual, but the fact that it's leather makes you look just that much "cooler" than you did before. 

high heels
ballet flats
Think flats aren't as sexy as heels? Well, so what? Life is not a strip tease. (as much as he wishes it was) Heels make us feel pretty, but that doesn't mean a great pair of flats can't do the same. You should be aware that wearing flats takes a little more confidence than wearing a heel because when you wear a flat, the real you stands out which in turn makes your true style shine through.
(Oh, and by no means am I dissing a great heel! I wear 'em all the time. I am just trying to get you to change things up a bit ;) Remember?

delicate jewelry
bold statement jewelry
Do you see all that bold jewelry out there and think "oh my, I could never wear that!"  Well I am here to tell you that YES YOU CAN! It doesn't matter how tall or short you are, bold statement jewelry looks fabulous when worn in minimal doses. So ditch that dainty strand and go for the BOLD!

There are many more things you can do to change up your look. If you normally wear a head to toe suit, try wearing a jacket and silk blouse with a pair of faded boyfriend jeans on date night, or buy a cape this fall instead of a new coat. There is so much you can experiment with in the fashion world!

Keep in mind that when you begin to change things up a bit, YOU WILL BE NOTICED. It's okay :) Why is it bad to be recognized as different? If you love it, then wear it! Oh and celebrate the fact that you are an exciting lady who does not need to stay stuck in her little box, that is if you don't want to ;)


Mona Lisa said...

For some of us this "change up" thing is fun. I think it's because we are self-confident women. Day after day, I meet women who stay in their fashion box. Just yesterday an elderly lady came into the store looking for a button-down shirt with a collar (which was what she was also wearing). She said that her neighbor asked her "Do you ALWAYS dress like that?" She asked me what I thought the neighbor might have meant. Well... duh. I felt so good, because I told her I'd like to get her to wear something that was not tailored; something that was not a button-up blouse. She ended up purchasing a new bright blue cashmere sweater plus another sweater set (windsor green) with a silk blouse. And guess what??? She came back today to purchase a new pair of pants. She LOVED the new "her" and said she was looking forward to coming back to shop with me. It's so gratifying to see ladies get out of their self-made prisons. She was 70 years plus so one is never too old to change for the better!!!!

Alex said...

I LOVE IT MONA!!!! :))