September 1, 2012

The Right Dress Is The White Dress!

The Right Dress Is The White Dress~

Yes it's true, all this talk about fall fashion while working in the retail world tends to make me rush the summer away a little too soon. The truth is that we still have some fantastic days ahead and the first real day of autumn is actually not until September 22nd. We still have plenty of time to wear some great light weight looks. I love the idea of a white (or cream) lace dress for this time of year. One with sleeves will look appropriate for every season.  
The Right Dress Is The White Dress~ by lauraly on Polyvore

One of the main reasons why I feel like a white (or cream) lace dress would be a nice addition to your wardrobe is because it can look very fresh in the spring and summer and it looks fantastic with black tights and boots in the cooler weather! Trust me, the right dress is a white dress! You won't be sorry that you own one!

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