October 16, 2012

How to Look Slimmer By Putting On a Belt

It is amazing to me how many ladies still believe that a belt has to serve a purpose. Yes, I suppose that if your pants are too big, a belt can keep them up, however I would recommend purchasing a pair of pants that fit properly. 
The truth is, wearing a belt can actually make you appear slimmer by creating a waist. And you can just STOP right there if you are saying, "I am too fat to wear a belt!" A belt worn out over your jacket or cardigan will compliment your curves! See the photo below for a perfect example:

Weekend Mix
{via Girl With Curves}

This girl with curves looks amazing! She has nothing to hide, because she knows how to dress! If she was not wearing a belt, she would look like a box. The belt creates a gorgeous hourglass look.

Some ladies are afraid of wearing a belt around their TRUE waistlines. Do you see how unflattering this look is on this lady in the above photo? A very bad look. The belt is highlighting one of the widest parts of her body! You never want to do this, especially if you are a lady with curves. Wearing a low slung belt isn't a terrible look for everybody, however you must be careful of what you are highlighting. It might not be your best look. All you need to do is take a step back in front of a full length mirror, close your eyes for 30 seconds to cleanse your lens and then open them again. What do you like about your look? What could be better? Could you try to wear that belt a little higher? Experiment!
Below you will find some ladies you may recognize and how they wear their belts. Watch and learn!
Our 1st Lady knows how to rock a belt! This is such a gorgeous look!
Adele may not be wearing an actual belt, but the banded waistline on this dress creates the same effect. Simply stunning!
This is fashion stylist Ashley Falcon. You may be familiar with her column in Marie Claire magazine titled "Big Girl in a Skinny World." She knows that wearing a belt at her smallest point creates a fabulous waist line as well as a cool look. Love it Ashley!

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