December 17, 2012

My #1 Must Have for 2012 (but I will wear it for years to come)

I have always loved lace. What can I say, I am a girly girl. So therefore a cream lace dress is a must have! Some say that this dress is way to fancy for their lifestyle. When I saw this dress at Talbots, my first thought was how versatile and timeless it was! Wear it to work this fall and winter with black tights. Wear it to work this summer with bare legs and nude pumps! Wear it to a cocktail party with your hair in a french twist. Wear it to your own wedding as the bride or it could be a fabulous reception dress! So many possibilities in just one little lace dress. How could one say no to this? Such a great staple for the wardrobe and you will wear it for years to come.
{This is how I wore my cream lace shift this winter with black tights and black Cole Haan microfiber boots.}

{Celebrities know how stylish a cream lace dress can be}

As for my next lace purchase, I can feel this black lace top from Talbots in my future. Perfect with winter white trousers or even with a pair of fabulous designer jeans. This may be the top I wear to a Christmas party I have coming up!
Will you buy anything lace-y this year or next?


Denée Tyler said...

I like the lace dress on you. I have too much of an hour glass figure to look good in a dress like that.
What necklace are you wearing with the medallion sweater above? It looks gorgeous, and I'd love to have a front view.

Alex said...

Thank you Denée. The necklace is from Talbots that I purchased a couple of seasons ago. Go to the "Laura's Lovely Looks" tab at the top of the page to see a front view of the necklace.

Anonymous said...

that style dress wouldn't work for me either, tho it looks great on you - I purchased the black lace top though (as another lace lover) thought it would be a great topper over basic black sleeveless sheath dress - belted ... looking forward to wearing it! love all your looks!