January 20, 2013

How to Shop Smart at a BIG SALE

 'Tis the season! No, it's not Christmas. It's better. It's every fashionista's favorite time of year. WINTER CLEARANCE! There are so many fabulous deals out there, and it can be overwhelming at times. Everything is so affordable and you love it all! But you don't necessarily need it all. How do you make wise choices? Please feel free to comment at the end of this blog post. But for now, I will tell you the secret on how I make my selections. 

First of all I check out what my favorite designers have already shown on the runway for fall/winter 2013 using websites such as Style.com. Yes, they are already working on Spring 2014. 

As you can see, Chanel is showing an argyle, tweed and plaid trend. I pay attention to the colors that they are wearing. Looks like mustard yellow is going to still be around as well as green, red and navy.

And Burberry is showing lots of black and camel as well as...........

red, black and navy.

After I check out what my favorite designers are showing for fall 2013, I go shop the clearance racks from fall 2012 hoping to find the patterns and colors that will still be on trend.

How do you shop the sale rack? Are you careful, or do you go wild because the prices are so good?

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