January 22, 2013

My Closet Shop

Am I the only one who gets overwhelmed when I walk into my closet? I think not! Every six months or so I find it necessary to purge and organize. Some items I donate to charity, others I sell to resale shops like American Retro or Polish so that I can get a little money back in my pocket. And guess what I do with that money? I spend it on clothes and/or accessories! If you love fashion like I do, you MUST update your look every so often. (I tend to do so at least once a week;)

Last week I decided to do a little closet organizing. As much as I love everything in my wardrobe, there are some things that must go. Even though something is timeless, that doesn't mean that you should wear it forever. Fashionistas are only human. We may love our clothes, but sometimes it's just time to move on and pass that garment down to another fashionista who can work it into their wardrobe. I also love websites such as I-Ella for that purpose. I-Ella is a members only website, so you have to sign up, but you'll be glad you did. I also sell some of my once loved items as well as my handmade earring designs on my own website called Laura's Style Boutique
So this time as I was organizing my closet, I was going for a boutique kind of look. I wanted things colorized, but I wanted to make it look kind of pretty. Like I was going shopping. I colorized on top and on bottom. I wanted to make it look balanced too, so I didn't just do skirts and pants on the bottom and shirts on top. I mixed in some skirts on top and some tops on the bottom. (Am I confusing you yet?) Shoes were also organized by color put with their clothing color family.....for the most part anyway.
Belts are hung on nails on the wall.

 Another view of shoes and clothes.

 Handbags are accessible and easy to see. More belts are draped on the wall over nails. 

More shoes! Outerwear up top.

Scarves are draped over hangers and organized by color.

Someday I will get all matching hangers. That will make everything so much prettier! One day at a time though......

How do YOU organize YOUR closet?

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