February 26, 2013

Hannity vs. Vanity

Normally I steer clear from talking about politics, especially on my precious fashion blog that I have been writing for almost four years now. I have my opinions and there are certain issues that I feel strongly about. I for one believe that we do not acknowledge our soldiers anywhere nearly enough for the most important work they do for our country day and night. I also realize that we (Americans) don't understand even half of what these men and women go through for our country because the press and the politicians only tell us half the story.  Truth be known, life is hell on Earth for humanity. That was really difficult to say, because I don't like to admit that life isn't really a bowl of cherries. But what are we supposed to do? Go around with our heads hanging low, letting ourselves be dragged down by a society of haters, warmongers, and crazy political press? I think not! Since the beginning of time there has been war. And since the beginning of time there have been people doing things in order to take their mind off of the extreme chaos they experience. They do this by creating art and letting their imaginations run wild!

Which brings me to the reason why I decided to write this blog post. I was on my way to pick up my son at his friends house after working all day. {Yes, I work in fashion. I am the manager at a specialty retailer and I work 42-45 hrs a week. I am officially a hard working American, some would say.} One would think that after working a long day that I would be chilling out to some great tunes on my fancy i phone. {Yes, I have one of those fancy i phones because I do extra WORK on the side, marketing for a friends small business. So I don't own the fancy i phone because I actually can afford it. It's the form of payment that I received for doing the job that they asked of me. They bought me the i phone and they pay the bill because I do a job for them.} I could have left that part out of this blog post, but there are those who judge and I wanted to make sure I made that point Sean Hannity ;)

So, instead of listening to some fab tunes on my way home from work, I chose to tune into Sean Hannity on talk radio and clutter my brain even more. He was going on and on about the actors in Hollywood and how extremely narcissistic they are. He was also talking about the movie making industry and how we (the public) just can't get enough of these fairy tails we watch. He was degrading the whole industry. The actors, the directors, and the filmmakers  He also went on to say that he doesn't care about the $2000 dresses and $2000 earrings that the celebrities are wearing. Now, I understand the issue he is having. We are not awarding our soldiers and veterans in the same limelight. And yes, I think we should. There should be an even bigger event for these people who sacrifice their lives for us. Bigger than the Ocsars, the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards put all together. Wouldn't that be amazing!!! And you know we would all watch.

My problem with the way Hannity was speaking on the radio last night is that he was making me feel bad for appreciating art. He made me feel like an idiot because I thoroughly enjoy a good film every now and then. He also made me feel like I shouldn't acknowledge celebrities looking amazing in their fabulous designer dresses. Hannity is a smart man. He must know the meaning of "The Labor of Love." The fashion, photography, filmography is a huge industry and it is not an easy industry to partake in. There is big competition out there. Hannity would say, who cares. Laura says, Hannity is missing the point. Anyone can appreciate art and at the same time they can support our troops and our country. However, I am not saying that some celebs don't get sucked in to their own dream world. Riding around in gas guzzling limos, drugging out, strutting their idiotic self around to elite clubs. Those are the ones who give the rest a bad name. They are not artists. They are selfish. That's it.

I want Sean Hannity to know that there are those out there who enjoy film and everything that goes into those awards shows and at the same time that same individual realizes the reality of life and the true hero's that don't get recognized nearly enough. 

The end

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Thanks so much for your comment! I am a veteran and a regular viewer of your blog. Thank you for your service in properly advising fashionably challenged women in their wardrobe choices. I love your style.