February 6, 2013

My "New" Vintage Ralph Lauren Shoes

I just can't get over the fabulousness of these velveteen Vintage Ralph Lauren shoes! They were given to me by a great friend and incredible mentor (Who for privacy purposes will remain nameless. I know you understand ;) They are probably from the mid 1990's. There are so many features about these shoes that I love. For one, the initials RL are embroidered with the finest gold thread. And the fact that they are brown velvet instead of black is so interesting. The block heel is super sturdy and not to mention back on trend at this very moment. I could go on and on........but instead I will let you look below to see how I wore them: 

~Talbots velvet "vixen" jacket
~Talbots "vixen" signature fit ankle cords
~Talbots flower belt
~Gap blouse
~CK earrings 
~Vintage cameo ring
~Vintage Ralph Lauren shoes
~OPI nail color in "Golden Eye"

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