February 2, 2013

The Perfect Dress to Wear to Your Pan Am Reunion

That title was just to get your attention. A little black dress can be worn to many more events than a Pan Am reunion. I only said that because the other day I actually assisted a lady in finding one to wear to her Pan Am reunion out in LA! Pretty nifty. I was so interested in hearing her story. I wish that I was going to the reunion with her! Or to just be a fly on the wall of their conversations would be fantastic. She said that they used to actually cook rib eye steaks on the plane to serve to their 1st class flyers! If you were flying coach you would also get steak, but it was strips. I could handle that. They would make each and every flyer a drink of their choice and would make everyone feel so comfortable on the plane as if they were in their own living room. And the one thing I didn't know, Pan Am did not fly domestically. They only flew overseas. Today Pan Am is remembered as a luxury airline largely by people who never flew it. They were aimed at getting ordinary Americans to fly overseas, often for the first time. The things they forget to teach you in school!! 

So anyway, here is the prefect little black dress that Cyrene chose to wear to her Pan Am reunion:
TALBOTS Merino Wool V-Neck Dress. This dress can be accessorized so many ways using different scarves, jewelry, shoes, boots, belts as well as different colored tights. 

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