March 17, 2013

My Beauty Picks for Spring 2013

Fashionista's know that spring shopping doesn't only include new fashion trends, it's also a time where we tend to update our hair, make-up and yes, fragrances! Here are a few of my new spring beauty must haves. What are some of yours?
{My new must have fragrance for 2013 is Elizabeth Arden's Pretty Hot. The notes are red fruit, floral, amber and wood. And if you are shopping at Macy's in Bangor Maine please ask for June at the Elizabeth Arden counter. She gave me the most amazing customer service and deserves a standing ovation. She was helpful, but in a very gentle way because she listened to everything I had to say and was willing to find the right product until I said
 "YES, this is it!"} 
{Elizabeth Arden's beautiful color luminous lip gloss in passionfruit}

{Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Radiance Blush in Romantic Rose}

{And the next time I go to Charlene, my sweet and talented hair stylist, I will be getting just a few gorgeous highlights like Jessica Alba's in the photo above. Heck, I may even be tempted to grow my hair out just like Jessica's. Doesn't she look gorgeous?! I feel like I've done this look before, but sometimes it's okay to revisit the past. Especially when it's so NOW and ultimately timeless.}

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Natalia D said...

Great ideas, Laura! Love Jessica Biel's hair!