March 13, 2013

Nothing Says Spring Like a Pretty New Scarf!

You want spring to be here NOW! I KNOW! I am totally with you. When you are a lover of fashion such as myself, you get so excited to move on to the next season way before it actually begins! Lately I seem to be a bit more laid back and accepting of the moment that I am in. I guess that means I am getting older and wiser. While I realize that I do not have the power to make the next season arrive any quicker, I do know what I can do in order to make myself feel like I am moving forward. I can throw on a spring scarf and say, "There you go mother nature! You may be gray, but I am in full bloom! Oh, and I am warm too.....;)"
 Nothing says spring like a pretty new scarf! 
{Paisley shimmer scarf above from Mexicali Blues}

{Floral scarf from TALBOTS}

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