March 22, 2013

Today is "What Did You Buy?" Friday!

Here is what I bought today! (Friday)
 This cardigan is just so pretty and spring-y and most importantly I can wear it now! I am so tempted by all the cute skirts and dresses out there, but I know that mother nature is just not being very cooperative lately. 

The necklace is also from TALBOTS from a few seasons ago. I think it will be perfect with this colorful cardi.

I also just painted my fingernails with this color from my Essie archives. I will also be painting my toenails. I may just dare to wear open toed shoes tomorrow! Of course my Uggs will be on my feet for my commute. 

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Mona Lisa said...

I love the colors in this cardi, and I struggled with which one I wanted; the Water-Flower Cardi (like yours above) or the Wild-Flower Cardi. My heart was clamoring for red tulips and pink wild flowers, so Wild-Flower Cardi was the choice! I enjoyed wearing today with my red garden lace pencil skirt from this past Christmas. I will also wear it with my ivory trellis lace dress / ivory pencil skirt. In addition, it pairs well with last summer's bright yellow circle eyelet sleeveless dress. I may even put it with my windsor green ankle jeans. Both are beautiful cardis, and I am sure you will style your so beautifully, that I'll end up with it in my closet as well :-)