April 15, 2013

Get Under Your UMBRELLA

{This is my beautiful friend and colleague Melissa. This photo was taken on a rainy April Sunday in Maine at Kennebunk Beach}

This is April. And you know the saying: "April Showers bring May flowers." Very true. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see and smell those flowers! However we must embrace all situations and circumstances in life and make the best of them in order to maintain our happiness and sanity. Fashion can sometimes frustrate people because, while you might be ready for summer, mother nature is still spitting snow, sleet and rain. You must give in and accept the weather and dress accordingly. You will feel better, dryer and warmer that way. Thank goodness we have humans who have invented fashionable ways to to stay comfortable and dry. 

One of my favorite ways to stay dry is to carry around a great big umbrella. You don't have to ruin your hair and at the same time you can imagine you are Mary Poppins. Here are a few of my favorite umbrellas of the moment:

 I am loving these pocket umbrellas from J Crew. They are small enough to keep in your bag for rainy day emergencies.

 This "pop art" umbrella by Kate Spade is perfect to cheer up your look on a rainy day.

Pare*Umbrella is one of my favorite websites to find a most unique umbrella. 
They are inspired by Tokyo, Japan and made in Seattle.
{Pare* dots and scallop umbrella}

Umbrellas can also make great gifts. They are something you always need on hand yet we don't always buy one on our own.

Celebrate April Showers!

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