May 2, 2013

Copy Cat Fashion

Sometimes people think that copying someone else's style is tabu. I say this is how we learn! We all want to experiment and wear something different when it comes to fashion, but a lot of woman I know are so afraid to admit that they adore someone else's style and therefore tend to not try anything new in fear that they will appear to be a copy cat or trying to hard. Nonsense. Above is a look that I have been admiring in Talbots 2013 Spring Look Book since last winter. I just now decided try it since the weather is finally cooperating in Maine.

I did something a little different by adding the orange flower necklace for a little bit of color since carrying around a green clutch for the pop of color was a little unrealistic for me at work. Plus I do not own one. But I did own the necklace from last summer.

What do you think of my copycat look?  It looks the same, but different, right? Probably because we are two different people. 

The moral to this story is, don't be afraid to copy someone's great style. It will look uniquely different on you because well,  you're you!

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Mona Lisa said...

Laura, why would someone NOT do that? After all, we are all unique even if we are wearing the same outfit. I do a copy cat look often. The reason is that I can see how something looks before I wear (or purchase) it. I equate it to home construction. I'd rather see the Model Home than the blueprint :-)