May 26, 2013

Fashion Loves The Monaco Grand Prix!

I never knew that my husband would be one to know more about what is going on in fashion than I. However today, he proved me wrong. 

Today is the Monaco 2013 Grand Prix which takes place in Monaco which is located off the French Rivera in Western Europe, just in case you didn't know. My husband has just informed me that it is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world.

The video below will educate you on the who, what, when and where of the Monaco Grand Prix 2013

Okay, so my husband knows that I am not completely a race car fan. However, it is one of the only sporting events that I find can keep my attention for more than 5 minutes so I am tuning it to it this morning. (It's 3:15pm in Monaco right now.) But anyway, his main objective was to inform me of the fashion shows that take place the day before the races begin in Monaco at the infamous Amber Lounge in order to raise money for some of the worlds most amazing charities. Read the paragraph below to get the complete story.

And here is a clip from this years fashion festivities in Monaco:

Looks like a pretty awesome place to be! I'm putting this event on my bucket list for sure ;)

Oh, and in case you've never heard of the Amber Lounge, here some information that I found on the Amber Lounge Facebook page that will get you "in-the-know":

The Ultimate VIP nightlife experience that follows the Grand Prix around the world. Attended by F1 drivers, film stars, musicians, models and more...Company Overview
The World's most exclusive Grand Prix after party. Attended by F1 drivers, film stars, musicians, models and more…Following the Grand Prix around the world, Amber Lounge will host their bespoke events in Monaco, Singapore, Delhi and Abu Dhabi during 2011. AMBER LOUNGE FASHION
Launched in 2006 in Monaco under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, Amber Lounge Fashion unites the worlds of Formula One and Fashion on one catwalk. 
International designers showcase their collections alongside the F1 drivers under the intense eyes of the media. To date Amber Lounge has raised over 2.5 million Euros for notable charities. 
Amber Lounge Hospitalityhas 15 years of experience creating unique VIP experiences around the F1 Grand Prix. With direct links to the world of Formula One, we offer unrivalled access to the most exclusive hospitality - paddock club, corporate suites, hotels, transfers and F1 driver appearances. 
Past VIP guests of Amber Lounge Hospitality have included the likes of Rachel Hunter, Sugababes, DJ Pete Tong, Michael Carrick & Paul Kitson.

Now this is my kind of party place!!

Did you know about the Monaco Grand Prix and/or the fashion shows that take place the day before? Leave a comment and let me know!

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