May 28, 2013

Laura's Lovely Look Of The Day ~ Big Pearls & Polka Dots

Today I wore polka dots and some really big pearls. I debated adding another color to this look such as yellow, pink or red, but I thought that my big pearl necklace from TALBOTS was quite enough. No need to add another point of interest. I usually wear this navy and white polka dot cardi from TALBOTS with a pair of colored jeans, but I felt like being just a little more classic today instead of sporty. I kept the look pretty monotone by staying with navy from head to toe. Did my navy's match you ask? No, not exactly. My ponte knit  pants from TALBOTS were just a little different shade of navy than my cardi. And my Bandolino suede wedges were just a shade off from my pants. They didn't clash, so I wasn't too worried about it, nor should you be if you choose to wear an all one color look. As I looked in the mirror, I felt that I was missing something though. It was then that I added the very thin white patent leather belt from TALBOTS. This look was comfortable, yet pulled together so it actually ended up looking quite dressed up! Although, the ponte knit pants made me feel like I was in my pj's, and that I have to say, was quite nice :)

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Joan said...

lovely outfit!