May 18, 2013

Laura's Lovely Look of the Day ~ Saturday Serenity

Today I feel like being at home, being barefoot and every once in a while doing a little dance as I listen to Pandora in the background. This is my lazy day. But since my husband is home with me, I decided to not keep the yoga pants on. I felt a little Julianne Hough/Kelly Pickler tribute coming on while wearing this look at home.

 I think the scarf with fringe that I wore around my waist from one of my favorite boutiques in Belfast, Maine called Coyote Moon, gave this look a western feel. I love the sleeve on this blouse from TALBOTS that I purchased last summer. It subtly bares the shoulder and reminds me of a ballet dancers costume. The signature fit light wash jeans from TALBOTS really are soft and stretchy enough to dance in. And since I still call myself a dancer, even though I have not performed or taken a ballet class in years, doesn't mean I still don't dance around the house once in a while. Sometimes I try to imagine life without music or dance and I get really sad. Then I thank GOD for the gift of it all and I DANCE!

{P.S.  I have decided to show off my least favorite part of my body for this blog post. Yes, I have dancers feet. They are not pretty, but they are strong. I wasn't going to say anything, hoping that you might not notice my feet. But as I age I feel that as a woman, it's important to share our imperfections with each other. We may not be perfect. But we are ALIVE! And that is something we all have in common.}

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