May 4, 2013

Prom Primping 101

One of the most important days (and nights) in a girls life. 
Wouldn't you agree? 
 {Yes, that is me in the above photos holding my boyfriend's hand. Yes, I married him. He prefers to not be pictured on my blog and I respect that. 
And since this post isn't about him anyway, it's no big deal, right?}
(You are dying to see him aren't you!)

It has been a long time since I have been to a prom, but that doesn't mean that I don't remember how I felt while getting ready for it. I bet my parents remember better than I, since they are the ones who let me pick my dress out along with the prettiest gloves, bag, shoes and jewelry to accessorize. In fact one year, my mother actually made me my prom dress. Completely couture! I was (and still am now) a very lucky girl!

Below I have picked out some of my favorite prom dress styles for 2013. Which one will you pick?
{If I were a teenager in 2013, this would be my personal pick. It's just so different. I love the fact that it's mini, but it's not too revealing. Love the mesh layer and it will look so pretty while dancing!}

Now, a lot has changed since my prom days back in the late 80's, early 90's. But primping for prom has continued to be quite the tradition, only becoming more intensified over the years. Nowadays, I would dare compare prom to a red carpet event! I envy young girls today. They have all the same treatments available to them as the celebrities! 

Here is my step by step guide to putting yourself together for your prom:

1.) First of all find your dress. This may take a lot of trying and deciding, so it's important to get this step done first. There are so many dress offerings out there. Don't know where to begin? Try searching around websites such as Pinterest for inspiration. Feel like wearing something that is out of the box? Visit a vintage boutique or better yet, make your own prom dress! This is a sure way to know that you will not run into yourself at your prom.

2.) Make an appointment for a facial. Terrie Kennedy, owner of It's All About You Day Spa located at 241 State Street in Bangor, recommends booking a 30 minute teen clean facial one week prior to prom. This facial will clear up any break outs and allow your skin to show it's natural glow.

3.) Make an appointment for a spray tan one to two days prior to prom. Gone are the days that we sit in a tanning bed baking until we are cooked. Tanning in natural sunlight or tanning beds can actually cause breakouts as well as dry flakey skin, not to mention skin cancer down the road. You've heard the warnings. Pay attention to them. It's All About You Day Spa offers an all-natural, organic, sunless Australian air brush tan, applied by Terrie Kennedy, a certified airbrush technician. This is a healthy alternative to those traditional tanning methods. Say 'good-bye' to dangerous UV rays or the uneven and unnatural results of self tanning lotions, and say 'hello' to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin.

4.) Make an appointment for your hair and nails to be done and your make up to be applied by a professional for the day of your prom. Lindsay, Emily, and Teina at It's All About You Day Spa are all certified professional hair stylists and would love the opportunity to make you beautiful for your big night. Again, do a little research on hair styles for prom and print out a photo of what you would like done and bring it to the salon with you. Terrie Kennedy is a licensed aesthetics and nail technician with over 18 years experience. She will be able to apply foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and will use modern make up techniques in order to make you look like you belong on the red carpet. And don't forget your nails! Terrie will give you a perfect manicure using your favorite OPI, Gelish or CND Shellac color to give you that perfect finishing touch. Remember, your look is not complete until your nails are done!

5.) Last, but certainly not least, relax, and enjoy your prom! Make sure you have lots of pictures taken of you and your friends so that one day you can reminisce. Oh, and don't forget to be home by your curfew. Mom and dad have done a lot to give you the prom of your dreams. The least you can do is be home on time.

                                             Happy Prom 2013!!

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