May 13, 2013

The Most Fashionable Book of the Moment

 Last Saturday I had the pleasure of standing in line for about an hour at Sarah Smiley's book signing at The Briar Patch in Downtown Bangor Maine. It was poring rain outside (we needed it!) but that didn't hold anyone back from wanting to meet, greet and hug Sarah Smiley. (You will want to hug her. She's just so cute and down to earth!) All three of her adorable children signed each book. Even Lindell, her youngest. He just cheated a little. Sarah had a signature stamp made for him. She knew his patience level and her's was not going to last while signing hundreds of books for their adoring fans. "Can I have this puppet mom?" I heard Lindell ask. "No." Sarah said sternly knowing that he might throw a fit and then turned back to her fans with a smile. I just loved that! Sarah is about as real as you can get. As a mom myself, I know just how difficult it can be when you are in public with your children. There is just no way you can make them be perfect. We are all humans and being perfect is just so boring!

In the photo below you will find Sarah and her three boys, Ford(11), Owen (9) and Lindell (5) posing for their photo shoot for Parade Magazine. In her book Dinner with the Smileys, Sarah invites 52 special guests to diner in order to fill her husbands spot at the table when he begins a year long deployment at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Africa, the week before Thanksgiving.
{FYI: I had the pleasure of personally assisting Sarah in finding the perfect color Charming Cardigan in fuchsia from TALBOTS to wear at her photo shoot for Parade Magazine. And you will also want to check out the super cool "Knot Now" necklace created by my friend Deb Neuman for Maine Dock Designs that she is wearing. Love it!}

And this is my little Spice saying Happy Mother's day to me with my new copy of Dinner with the Smileys! He's excited to have mama relax and read. If only he could relax a little too!

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