May 11, 2013

What's In YOUR Bag?

Honestly, I don't know how men do it. They walk through life with everything they need in their pockets! If I were a guy I'd definitely be one that carries a man bag everywhere I go. 
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Us women tend to be very picky about the bag that we carry. We truly believe that we can determine a lot about a woman's personality by her choice of hand bag. But I believe that you can tell a lot more about a woman's personality by what she carries inside of her bag.

Here is the bag I am carrying at this moment. It's a TALBOTS purchase from about four years ago. I just love the flowers and butterfly motif.
And here is what I carry in my bag.

If you must know, I have a lipstick/lipgloss fetish. I have tried in the past to be more of a minimalist, but somehow I always end up with about twelve different lip things in my bag! So I decided to just accept myself for who I am and carry a separate little cosmetic bag for all my lipsticks and glosses. This way they aren't just scattered all over the bottom of my bag and I don't get frustrated when I am trying to find the one that I want.

Contents of my handbag are: lipstick cosmetic bag with ten to twelve different lipsticks and glosses carried in it at a time, a mini lint roller, a package of Keelenx, a small brush, a translucent powder by Rimmel, an extra key to my car, my Gucci wallet that I found on ebay about 13 years ago, my i phone, and my business card holder that holds not only my own business cards, but many others as well. You never know when you might meet someone who needs a service that someone you know could provide them. It's called networking.

I also carry another bag to work. A larger style tote bag by Lauren Merkin. In it I carry my lunch and many little snacks (not pictured). I always need a little notebook to write down my thoughts and priorities. I also use a folder to carry important documents to and from work. I carry two pens with highlighters on each end and I always have two or more waters on hand. You never know when someone might be choking and need one! I also always carry a comfy pair of shoes, so I can change into them when my feet begin to scream at me.  I carry the matching Lauren Merkin clutch inside the bag. You never know when you might get asked to dinner! 

What are you toting around with you these days? If you don't have a pretty bag for spring, now is the time to get one!
And any time is a good time to get organized :)

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