June 14, 2013

Beauty ComesFrom The Inside Out

We all look at magazines and dream about looking like the fashion models we see on the pages before us. Even if you are one of those who say you don't, I know that you have at some point in your life, whether you spoke it out loud or not, wished that you looked like that seemingly perfect mold of a woman on the page(s) before you. Like myself, you may have been smart enough to realize at a young age that fashion magazines are just a fantasy. I feel like I have always known that, but I still continue to flip through wishing that I had that face, that skin, those eyes, those arms, that stomach, that butt, those legs. You get the picture. And that's the thing. Those are just pictures. A lot of them are photoshopped. Some of those models actually do look like that in real life though. And just something to remember, that's why they are models. Because they look fantastic in magazines and on catwalks! That's their job, and they are damn good at it. But we mustn't forget, a models career is short. Even though she looks like a fantasy, she is in fact, only human. She too will age, just like you. She also has real feelings, just like you. Her life is hard, just like yours.

I bet that you are great at your job. I bet that you have made some amazing achievements! I bet that some of you don't even realize how awesome you are.

If you are a teenager and you don't have a job yet, I bet that you have a passion. If you don't have a passion, don't worry! It will come. Keep learning, keep asking questions and most importantly, keep being you. Being kind to others and being true to yourself is really what life is all about.

Sometimes I look at life and I say "really, this is it?" YES. This IS it! That is why you mustn't fret over your little physical imperfections. You are so beautiful inside and out. Make-up can make you look pretty, but that doesn't mean that it makes you a different person.
"What's your favorite thing about your sister?"
"She's my friend."
I found this photo on one of my favorite websites of all time, HUMANS OF NEW YORK. It moved me. I visit HUMANS OF NEW YORK daily just to see real people just doing their thing. Some humans we call weird, some we call stuck up, some we call quiet, some we call loud. But the bottom line is that we are all humans and BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Something I tell myself when I get all nerved up: (usually when I am presenting a new idea at work in front of my peers) I tell myself that we all have a heart, with blood pumping through our veins. We are all HUMAN and BEAUTY COMES FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

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