June 17, 2013

Hey, Four Eyes!!

Lately I have been obsessed with glasses. I am not blind. Nor do I wish I was. But there is just something about these nerd glasses that I found at the Family Dollar store that I just adore! Could it be that I look somewhat intelligent when I put them on? They do have 1.00 magnification, which is the perfect about of magnification for me these days. 

And these sunglasses were just a little gem that I picked up at a local resale store last weekend. I never really have found myself gravitating to this ever so popular oversized roundish style lens, but there was just something about the transparent peach color of these that made me think high fashion. I can't help it that they made me feel just a little like I was copying Willy Wonka......or was it Elton John. Both are cool characters in my book.

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