July 16, 2013

Black and White. It's Alright.

I have worked in retail for many years and I assist ladies every day who come to me and say, "My friend says I wear too much black. I need color!" I don't disagree. I believe that everyone needs a little color in their lives. However, in my opinion, there is nothing classier, cleaner, or more modern looking than black and white. I find it unfortunate that some feel ashamed to have so much black in their wardrobe. There is so much you can do with black! Add a splash of color here and there with accessories if that makes you feel better. One of my personal favorite color combos (or favorite anti color combos, if you must) is black and white. 

Below you will find my black and white collection:

And below you will find me wearing my most recent black and white purchase from TALBOTS. The black and white circle diamond ponte sheath.

~dress, necklace and bracelet from TALBOTS
~shoes by BeautiFeel
~Essie nail polish in "cute as a button"
~ring from Etsy

"The statements and views expressed in this posting are my own and do not reflect those of my employer."
~Laura Lynn Michaud

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