July 5, 2013

Capri Pants. Are They Really The Craziest Invention Since Sliced Bread?

{Diane Von Furstenberg Dixy cropped pants}
The other day, I had a customer tell me that all the top fashion magazines are saying that capri pants, sometimes referred to as cropped pants, are the most hideous thing ever invented and that high end fashion designers are refusing to make them. What was I to say to that? Just about every pant that we are carrying right now in my store are cropped! I also happen to completely disagree with her, but since "the customer is always right," I decided to cheerfully say something like, "Oh really?! Well these pants right here are cropped (showing her a style) if you wear your regular petite size, but lets go over into the misses department where the cropped pants will fit you as full length!" I am just really glad that I wasn't wearing cropped pants that day for her sake.

 Capri pants, sometimes referred to as cropped pants, have been around for a very long time. They were actually introduced in 1942 by fashion designer Sonja de Lennart. The pants' name derives from the Italian isle of Capri, where they rose to popularity in the late 1950s and early '60s. Grace Kelly was one of the first movie stars to wear capris on the island!
{Grace Kelly wearing capri pants}

Do I think that capris are for everybody? No, I do not. Everyone has a different body shape as well individual style. But I certainly don't think that capris are the craziest invention since sliced bread. Do you? 
By the way, sliced bread was first sold in 1928. Just another amazing fun fact that I thought you might find interesting!

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