July 6, 2013

Channel Your Inner Bohemian

You may say that you love the prints, patterns and oh so comfy soft fabrics that the "Boho Chic" fashionista wears. But why aren't YOU wearing them? Do you think you are too young? Too old? Is your style more tailored and preppy? I may have been thinking a few of these thoughts too. But Julie, the store manager of Mexicali Blues located in Downtown Bangor, Maine, has proved me wrong.

"I have decided that everyone has a little Bohemian inside of them just waiting to come out."
~Laura Michaud


a native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
usually lowercase a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard forconventional rules and practices.
the Czech languageespecially as spoken in Bohemia.
a Gypsy.
{I know it may seem amazing to you, but the adorable top on the left is actually a skirt. It's called Mexicali's Magic Skirt. And it is. Magic.}

I typically tend to dress in a more tailored fashion. But as soon as I walked into Mexicali Blues and took a whiff of that incense, (yes they sell that too), I all of a sudden felt free! As Julie walked me through the store, I began to feel the fabrics. She showed me showed me everything from beautiful dresses and skirts, to tops and rompers made from beautiful and lightweight Pushkar Silk, batik, and viscose jersey fabrics. Each one just a comfortable as the next. All of the fabrics are so easy to care for too, which in my book is an added bonus. No dry cleaning! Julie explained to me that some of the pieces seem to drape on the hanger, but they take on a completely different look once you get them on your body. I collected a few pieces and entered the dressing room to give them a try. Now, I have worked in fashion for over 20 years. I am not quite sure why these garments amazed me like they did, but....they did! The most simply cut jersey dress seemed to drape perfectly on my body! It was cut to flatter and show off a woman's  curves, not hug them. Which is so great since we all know that tight clothes just don't work, on anyone, in any circumstance. And since I am a grown woman, I know that trendy clothes don't always work for me either. Yet another reason to shop Mexicali. Bohemian style is always in style.

Here is a list of my Mexicali must haves for this summer of 2013:

1) The Magic Skirt (There are many different ways you can wear this skirt! Check out Mexicali Blues on YouTube for the tutorials. Click HERE)

2) The V-neck Jersey Dress

3) The Ruffled Jersey Top

4) The Glass Ring (You will need more than one of these at just $4.00 a pop!)

5) The Batik Print Skirt

6) The Pushkar Silk Maxi Dress

7) The Kali Caplet (A cape and a scarf all in one!)

Mexicali Blues has something for everybody. Men, women and children will be able to find stylish clothing and accessories that will bring out their inner Bohemian vibe. Stop by today and update your existing wardrobe. Your closet will thank you. 
{Singer, songwriter and Maine native Amy Allen wore a pretty batik print dresses from Mexicali Blues in her photo shoot for Dispatch Magazine}  

{Loving these beautiful one size fits all Cleopatra wrap bracelets from Mexicali!}

{This is just one of the many striking necklaces that I found at Mexicali Blues.} 
Love the jersey fabrics! So comfy and cool.

Mexicali Blues also carries home decor. Tons of great gift ideas!

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