July 22, 2013

Manly Monday ~ Don't Fear The Pastels

Guys, are you thinking that you are too manly to wear pastels? Or is it that you are not man enough? While you are trying to decide what kind of man you are, I am going to tell you that pastels are HOT and on men, they are even HOTTER. You must learn how to wear them properly. You don't want to enter a room looking like the Easter bunny. When wearing pastels, think minimal. Try one pastel piece at a time to look on trend without looking trendy. 

Here are some ways to integrate pastels into your every day look guys:

1. Try wearing a pastel shirt and going neutral with everything else

2. Try a pastel shoe. Keep it masculine by keeping the design of the shoe rugged.

3. Try a pair of pastel socks. You know that us ladies always look to see what you have on your feet!

4. Be brave and try a pastel chino style pant. Wear a chambray shirt and tan nubuck or suede shoes to neutralize your look.

5. When all else fails, throw on a pastel tie. This will take your look from ho-hum to yum!

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