July 29, 2013

Manly Monday ~ Jeans That FIT

{Jeans by Ralph Lauren}
Dude, are you still sporting those baggy dungarees and thinking all this time that you are Mr. Cool? Well, you may be Mr. Cool, but your oversized jeans certainly are not making you appear that way. I am totally for anyone who loves expressing their personal style, but baggy jeans seem to express just one thing. Sloppy, careless, lazy, boring, mindless, fool. Ok, so that was six things. Six bad things that I know you do not want to be my man! What's wrong with showing the world that you are a smart, intelligent hard working man who knows how to wear his jeans?! Jeans that fit a man are not that hard to find. Try on a few styles to get an idea of the different fits that are offered and opt for something that sits at your natural waist. A good way to find your natural waist is to take notice to where your underwear come up. Use that as a guideline. Your jeans should come up to at least that line. Not below. No one wants to see what color boxers you are sporting. And don't wear your jeans too high either. You don't want to be known as Urkel. The jeans in the above photo by Ralph Lauren just happen to be the perfect fit. Eye pleasing, yet comfortable to wear. That's all there is to it guys! Easy, right? 

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