July 21, 2013

Sunday Inspiration ~ Antiques

{All photos in this blog post were taken at the Antique Marketplace & Café in Downtown Bangor, Maine.}
I would never refer to myself as an antique expert. Nonetheless, I do appreciate a visit to my local antique store from time to time. I feel as though I am taking a walk through generations past. I don't always understand what the items I am looking at were used for, but between my husband and I, we usually can figure it out. It is incredible to me the details in which these items possess. You would think that in the past these items would be produced less decorative, however it seems to be just the opposite. Now it seems that we are more into what an item can do versus what an item looks like. We make something look simple on the outside, but it's actually more complicated on the inside, which can be very deceiving. We have so many more buttons to push these days! It's not until I visit my local antique store that I come to my senses about the day and age that we are living in, which is amazing I may add. Just a little less ornate. 
{I wish I took more photos, but these are a few that I managed to capture. Clockwise starting at the top left: antique globe, antique fan, antique toaster, antique assorted glass bottles, antique fishing reels, antique Louis Sherry candy box.}

{I took this photo for my mother. An antique sewing machine. Much like the one she learned to sew on I assume.}

And I am not sure why one would need this little balancing lady. But I thought she was cute! Press the play button to see her in motion. It looks like she is dancing to the music that is playing in the background!

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